FAQ sur l'imprimerie

How long does it take for you to print my order?

For canvas prints it can take between 2-5 business days. Many of my products are printed within 3 business days.

How long does shipping take for items to arrive at my door?

Overnight: next day delivery in the US

Express: 1-3 business days in the US, Canada, and internationally

Standard (Flat): 3-4 business days in the US, 6-10 days in Canada, 5-20 days internationally

Standard (Flat) in more detail:

United States is usually between 3-4 days.

Canada is usually between 6-10 days.

Mexico is usually between 8-14 days.

United Kingdom is usually between 2-5 days.

France is usually between 3-5 days.

Iceland is usually between 7-9 days.

Russia is usually between 7-12 days.

China is usually between 8-12 days.

Australia is usually between 12-14 days (Should be improving soon however may be unable to ship canvas prints to AUS!)

Note: Due to COVID-19 these numbers may not reflect actual times but rest assure the shipping teams at each location are doing their best to get your print out as quickly as possible.

Is shipping available in all countries?

Shipping is not possible in some countries due to legal restrictions or restrictions of the freight carriers.

Currently, the GSP shop is not available in Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea and is not delivered to these countries.

Most GSP Shop items are available to all other countries and ship internationally!

Where is my print shipped from?

All US orders will be shipped from San Diego, California.

Products that are fulfilled in Mexico are actually shipped from the United States.

The European Fulfillment Center is located near Riga, Latvia.

From time to time, I will have products available that I pre-print, possibly matted and put up for sale. These items can also be found at art shows around Wisconsin when things reopen due to COVID-19. For logistical reasons, these items are limited to local pickups or U.S. deliveries.