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Ditching Boring Contact Pages With Conversational Forms by WPForms

I have kept looking for a solution to enhance my contact page. It seemed no matter what I did I kept receiving a significant amount of spam which Conversational Forms by WPForms has really transformed. Not only have I seen a great reduction in the amount of spam (None so far!), I think it's a MUCH better user experience all around.

I found other solutions along the way that provided conversational like contact forms however most required a monthly membership, whereas WPForms does things different with different annual plans which are currently on sale right now for half off!


It was super simple to set up Conversational Forms. You setup a form like you would any other.

First, you will need to purchase the add-on from WPForms and they will provide you with the form plugin, as well as the necessary add-on files for which options you want to use on your website.

contactgraydonform sale |
Ditching Boring Contact Pages With Conversational Forms by WPForms 8


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Basic WPForms Contact Form


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Conversational Forms by WPForms

Select the Professional (Pro) OR Elite plan to be sure that your membership supports this form type.


Login to your website's WP-Admin => Plugins => Add New

Click or tap, “Upload Plugin“.

This will bring up a form to to browser your device for the plugin zip file and will upload it to your WordPress webhost. Once you have it installed, be sure to enable it!

Plugins => Installed Plugins

Locate, “WPForms Conversational Forms” and click or tap on “Activate“.

Create Your First Form

WPForms => Add New

Add in all of the options you're wanting for your new form, click or tap on save when you're ready to continue (button is up top).

While still inside your new form you are going to want to click on Settings => Conversational Forms => Enable Conversational Form Mode (Checkbox) and now you can go test out your new form!

You can preview your new conversational form right from this page by clicking on the button. 🙂

contactgraydonform 2 |
Conversational Forms by WPForms

What is really slick about these forms is the ability to ask one question at a time and the completion status at the bottom of the page. I believe with this setup it could also be possible to grab your potential customer's e-mail (Form Abandonment Addon) and send out a reminder message if they forget to fill out the rest of the form, which could help with your conversions.

WPForms is also great if you just want to stick with a basic contact form on your WordPress blog or website. 🙂 They have a free plug-in if you want to give that a try.

It is also worth mentioning that they have another product called RafflePress which I am using for a WPForms giveaway which you can find over here.

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