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About Graydon

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Graydon Schwartz, owner of Graydon Schwartz | Aerial & Landscape Photography from the greater Madison area in Wisconsin, travels and photographs many beautiful locations with his drone. Some of the places he has traveled to include Australia, Iceland, Canada, and various parts of the United States.

The amazing thing is when you are able to focus on your creative expression and the need to be competitive falls away. You’re only competing against who you use to be and it drives your desire to continue to create more and more. It’s your own thing and nobody can take that away from you. It’s your truth.

Graydon is an FAA-licensed drone pilot, which allows him to operate commercially within the United States, and specializes in aerial & landscape photography. His expertise lies in capturing the beauty of any landscape, whether it be a land owner’s home, the cliffs of Iceland, or the rivers of the Midwest.

This website has gone through many iterations and evolutions from a mixture of photo niches but has always had some sort of connection to the Planet Earth and the views of the landscape. Photography has been a way of expressing myself creatively since I was sixteen and it’s gotten me through heartbreak, softened grief and a fire in my heart. In the last 3 years or so, I have returned to Photographie de paysage with a new creativity tool, drones!

Artist Statement

I was taxiing on a freaking hot airplane, waiting to take off. Overall, it had been a difficult trip for various reasons, and I had felt that I didn’t have good content to share. It was during the hot wait of taking off, I was reviewing photos that I had taken during the trip, one of which was a panoramic photograph. It was within this uncomfortable atmosphere that I became in awe of what I had made. In an instant, everything changed. I was able to reflect on the beauty of this precious moment. Everything felt different, and I felt a major shift from feeling bummed to thrilled. This was all I needed.

I want to be able to share with others a different perspective of our awe-inspiring world that we live in whether it be in the hills of Wisconsin or the ocean views of the Gulf of Mexico. To do this, I have chosen a different position to showcase my art; I have fallen in love with Photographie aérienne. It’s like I am able to carry around a 400-foot tripod with me wherever I go. It is my hope that when people see my photographs they feel excited, inspired and connected. It is my desire to make my work a personal experience, and people are able to feel uplifted, just like I did on the plane, from experiencing my art.

I hope you enjoy the many things I have to offer you in my portfolio.

“Always do your best with what you have,”

Nick Kline

Learn How to Fly Your Drone

I want to help you share your vision, your place of inspiration, your story to the world or your social tribe, your family or friends, either by teaching you what I know or hiring me to capture your favorite place!

I write articles about getting started with flying drones. From preparing for the first flight to more advanced photo techniques. See what I have for you! 🙂

You can find them at: Guides Mavic (mavicguides.com)

What inspires Graydon?

This video touched my soul the first time I saw it. I feel such a connection to this place. Maybe it’s the track they used? It’s probably a combination of the audio they used and the incredible visuals of this pristine landscape. It makes me shudder to just write about it and I think it’s really worth watching it when you have a few minutes of free time. This is one of the videos that put the Faroe Islands in my head as a place I’d like to visit if I can get a good ticket price.

At the time of this article I consider $618 as the cheapest ticket to the Faroe Islands this month (10-day trip) from Chicago O-Hare. $277 from the UK if you want to visit London as well. I’ve always evaluated hopping around to see if there’s a cheaper option while I see more of the world.

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Bravo Benjamin Hardman Photography!

Tendez la main !

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