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Tesla Road Trip: ¡Más Quebec! - Día 10

This post is part of a 15-day electric road trip through Ontario, Quebec, and parts of the East Coast and back home. Time to spend a little more time in Quebec!

Date: Friday, January 31, 2020


Equipo y software:
Mavic 2 Pro (Amazon | B&H | DJI) (Afiliado)
Skylum Aurora HDR 2019 (Afiliado)
Skylum Luminar 4 (Affiliate):
Save $10 on Luminar 4 with my coupon code: (GRAYDON).

YouTube Edition | Day 10

Viaje por carretera entre Canadá y Nueva Inglaterra con Tesla: ¡Más Quebec! - Día 10

Day 10 of the Tesla Canadian-New England Road Trip! I am breaking the trend on this post with more DJI Mavic 2 photos/videos than Pixel 3 XL or DJI Osmo photos! 🙂

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Date: Friday, January 31, 2020

Rodada en 4K UHD:
DJI Mavic 2 Pro
DJI Osmo Action

Editado con:
Adobe Premiere:
DaVinci Resolve 16:
Skylum Luminar 4
Skylum Aurora HDR 2019:

¿Dreamcase O Tesmat para su próximo viaje de acampada en coche? Dreamcase vs TESMAT.

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Río San Lorenzo

I am breaking the trend on this post with more Mavic 2 photos than Pixel 3 XL or DJI Osmo photos! 🙂

Río San Lorenzo
Río San Lorenzo

I'm not a big fan of a vignette on my images so I batch edited these 5 images in Luminar 4 to reduce the dark edges in the image, exported them out and combined them together with Aurora HDR 2019.

Río San Lorenzo
Sunrise over the St. Lawrence River
Río San Lorenzo
Myst over the St. Lawrence River
Río San Lorenzo
Myst over the St. Lawrence River
Río San Lorenzo
Río San Lorenzo

Le Casse-Crêpe Breton
Québec, Canada

A good friend of mine recommended I check out this crepery in Quebec, Le Casse-Crêpe Breton while I had just arrived in Montreal and I hadn't decided where I was headed next because the Tesla Supercharger in the White Mountains was still on the frits and stranding some Tesla owners.

I'm glad I remembered while I was passing back through Quebec and had just enough time to order takeout from them! It was so good!

Quebec City

Quebec City
Quebec City

This next edit I decided to copy adjustments from the top photo to the two photos below. I am using Luminar 4 in this example.

Right-click on the photo you want to copy FROM.

Haga clic en Adjustments => Copy Adjustment.

Last, right-click on the photo you want to transfer the adjustments to.

Haga clic en Adjustments => Paste Adjustment.

Quebec City
Quebec City
Quebec City
Quebec City

Ville de St-Georges – Centre culturel Marie Fitzback
Electric Circuit
Saint-Georges, Quebec, Canada

IMG 20200131 200310 |
Electric Circuit – EV Charging Station

This was my first charge session on the whole trip that wasn't free. I spent $2.50 CAD ($1.86 USD) to use this charger overnight and got a full charge to reach Maine the following day. At this price, they are either losing money on longer charge sessions or it's gotta be subsidized. They did require I add $10.00 CAD into my Electric Circuit account (digital wallet) in order to get charging without getting their charging card (not a credit card). Now I have another reason to return for 3 more charge sessions!

Charge stats: 71.45 kWh added in 12 hours: 51 minutes

This charge session would cost $8.57 to $10 USD in Columbia County for the same charge! Awesome deal!

Día siguiente - Día 11

Agradecimiento especial

TESMAT en el Supercargador de Tesla


TESMAT podría ser el colchón adecuado para su próxima siesta en el Supercargador, su viaje de acampada en coche o el regalo perfecto para su propietario favorito del Tesla Model 3/Y. Puedes usar mi código de cupón para ahorrar en tu compra.

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