Tesla confirma que la suscripción a la conducción autónoma completa llegará en los próximos 4 meses

Elon tweeted that soon one would be able to subscribe to FSD and that it would be rolled out in Q2 2021: “Q2 for sure”. I am ready to film some real FSD videos after attempting roundabouts with basic Autopilot. 🙂

He followed up that tweet with “Note, buying FSD will still be a better long-term deal than subscription”, which was to be expected with FSD costing $10,000 at the moment.

Like Joe Eschbach (@Joe_Eschbach), I would like to take a longer test of the FSD Beta and put it through its paces. I’ve been eagerly waiting for the subscription since Elon announced it would come this year.

There is merit in buying FSD outright and owning it for the lifetime of the car, but what if you are interested in switching from a Tesla Model 3 to a Tesla Model Y? You would have to buy FSD again for $10,000. Unfortunately, it is linked to the car and not to the Tesla account.

However, if you paid for these software features with a monthly subscription, you could actually cancel the subscription until your new Tesla arrives and re-activate the subscription or pay full price for the lifetime of the car.

I am in favor of this additional option as I am mainly interested in entering the FSD beta and creating content about the amazing new advances in full self-driving car technology.

Thanks to workthrowawayhunter2 on Reddit for bringing up an important discovery. If your state has a personal property tax, you will want to buy FSB after delivery, otherwise you could be looking at an additional $400 / year or $35 / month, at least in case of a state like Virginia, since the $10k is not included in the value of the car come tax time.

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