Alliant Energy Says Goodbye to Coal in Wisconsin

Today, Alliant Energy Corp. and its subsidiaries filed a request with the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) to retire the coal-fired Columbia Energy Center (CEC) in 2020, the result of more than three years of hard work and thoughtful analysis by Alliant Energy's leadership, employees, customers and other stakeholders.

It is the end of an era: after nearly 40 years of service, the board of directors of Alliant Energy has decided to discontinue operations of the coal-fired Columbia Energy Center in Columbia County after its current fuel cycle ends.

De Leon says the plan will keep costs low for customers in the long term and save the company $250 million over a decade in expenses that would otherwise be needed to keep Columbia County efficient and operational.

The plant went into commercial operation in 1975 and has supplied significant amounts of energy to the region ever since. By decommissioning the plant, Alliant Energy has achieved its “Clean Energy Vision,” which aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 and phase out coal-fired power generation completely by 2040.

Alliant Energy is dedicated to providing a great employee experience by offering employees of the retired facilities useful resources. We want to help make a transition that won’t leave anyone behind.

Alliant Energy is planning to install 675 megawatts of solar generation, which would make it the largest solar generator in the Midwest and among the largest in the country.

Grant County200 MWNextEra Energy Resources
Sheboygan County 150 MWRanger Power 
Wood County150 MWSavion 
Jefferson County75 MWRanger Power
Rock County50 MWGeronimo Energy
Richland County50 MWSavion 

I am excited that Alliant Energy is making significant investments in renewable energy. I am proud to be a part of the Badger State’s commitment to cleaner, renewable energy.

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