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TESMAT vs TESCAMP - ¿Qué colchón Tesla es mejor?

Recently I was asked to write another article like my Dreamcase vs TESMAT article, but include the TESCAMP Tesla camping mattress for Model 3 & Y. So, here I am looking at this new contender for specialized Tesla mattresses: TESMAT vs TESCAMP.

So you’re looking for a Tesla Mattress, but you can’t decide between TESMAT and TESCAMP? Let me help you. The two mattresses are basically the same in terms of price (after coupon code), but TESMAT is the original space-saving foam mattress for the Tesla Model 3.

What’s included?

ProductPrecioCarrying CaseIncludes SheetsPrivacy Screen
TESCAMP (3)$239No
TESMAT Bundle$348


TESMAT: ¿Lo quieres ahora? Paga por adelantado. ¿Quiere un poco más de tiempo? No hay problema. TESMAT tiene algo para todos.

TESCAMP: You may have pay over time if you purchase on Amazon.

Comparación de dimensiones

TESCAMP (Y)75.6″41.3″2.6″
TESCAMP (3)75.6″41.3″2.6″

TESCAMP: 3 individual mattresses (75″ x 12″ x 2″) to form a twin sized mattress (35″ x 75.6″ x 2.6″).
TESMAT: 3 individual mats (75” x 12.5” x 2.5”) unfold to form a twin sized mattress (38” x 75” x 2.5”)

TESCAMP Tote bag: 20” x 14” x 12”
TESMAT Carrying Case: 22” x 14” x 10”

At first glance I thought the TESCAMP was an absolute rip-off of the TESMAT line of mattresses for Tesla Model 3/Y. The logo screamed TESMAT and the font initially looked the same to me.



I re-visited the TESMAT website and it seems George has gone in a different direction with their logo.


Okay, but once I was able to look past the copied font, I realized it wasn’t a complete replication of the TESMAT…Kudos to the 2nd gen TESCAMP (Model 3 or Model Y versions), which is nicely tailored to to the shape of the trunk, which is pretty sweet. TESMAT doesn’t currently offer this fitment for either model, but I don’t think that is a deal breaker.

Both the TESCAMP and TESMAT fit in rear sub-trunk, which the TESMAT pioneered.

What makes the TESCAMP stand apart is that it can also fit inside the frunk (front trunk) and is available on Amazon.

TESCAMP Camping Mattress for Tesla Model 3
Tesla Camping Mattress CertiPUR Memory Foam Car Mattress, Storage Bag & Sheet Provided, for Tesla Model 3, Portable, Foldable, Space Saver, in Car Sleeping, Twin Size
TESCAMP Camping Mattress for Tesla Model Y
Tesla Camping Mattress CertiPUR Memory Foam Car Mattress, Storage Bag & Sheet Provided, for Tesla Model Y, Portable, Foldable, Space Saver, in Car Sleeping, Twin Size
TESCAMP Car Seat Headrest for Tesla Model Y/3
Tesla Car Seat Headrest Car Neck Pillow Uniquely Designed for Tesla Model Y/3 Neck Support Cushion Leather Two Packs White Black

TESCAMP for the Model 3 / Model Y


  • Tote storage bag fits in frunk (front trunk)
  • Separate Model Y & Model 3 editions
  • Amazon Shipping


  • less thick mat material (from testimonials)
  • In their marketing they have some cool canopy but is found nowhere else in their store

TESMAT para el Model 3 / Model Y


  • 2.5″ thick mat material
  • Carrying Case doubles as a drink cooler
  • Fits both Tesla Model 3 or Model Y


  • Actualmente sólo está disponible para el Tesla Model 3 y el Tesla Model Y

TESMAT Unboxing
for Model 3 & Model Y


It’s nice how the TESCAMP fits in the front trunk (frunk), but personally I keep my Tesla charging cable and adapters up there in the frunk and prefer the 2.5 inch thick mattress (they claim 2.6″ but reviews mention it being only 2-inch) much more than the possibility to stash the mattress in the front trunk.

If you switch from the Tesla Model 3 to Tesla Model Y (or vice versa), you can keep your TESMAT while the TESCAMP is not interchangeable as it is exactly cut to fit the trunk.

I can save you $20 off the price of the TESMAT (which makes up most of the price difference between these two mattresses), while I haven’t found any codes for the TESCAMP. It is nice that you can purchase it if you are in a rush from Amazon but I think it is worth the wait for the ORIGINAL 2.5-INCH, TESMAT.

TESMAT para el Modelo 3

TESMAT para el modelo Y

Utilizando los botones de arriba☝️, el cupón debería aplicarse automáticamente en la caja, sin embargo, si no se aplica correctamente, es posible que tengas que introducir el código manualmente 🙂 .

Learn More About the TESCAMP

Unfortunately, I could not get my hands on or find any valid coupon codes for the TESCAMP, otherwise I would have included some here.

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