Tesla Tray by Jeda – How to Maximize Space in Your Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

The Tesla Center Console Tray is the perfect way to hide your valuables in your Tesla. The tray is 1 inch thick and sits at the mid-way point in your center console, which is the perfect place for items that you want to be hidden.

Tesla Tray by Jeda is a simple solution for Tesla Model 3 owners who aren’t satisfied with how little organizational compartments are available in their vehicle. The Tesla Tray can be installed and removed in a matter of seconds.

An average Tesla owner and driver likely carries a Tesla charging adapter, a key card, sunglasses, earphones, and more. Tesla owners tend to be very interested in tech.

Jeda Products, the Tesla Tray Features:
  • Wireless Headphone Charging: Airpods, pixel buds, and any other compatible wireless headphones. 
  • Integrated Smart Watch Charging: Wirelessly charge watches, such as the iWatch 
  • Secret storage compartment: Securely store items against theft 
  • Anodized metal and silicone texture: Premium build materials  
  • Additional storage capacity: Maximizes the space to provide a two-tiered storage design 
  • Integrated USB Hub: Additional USB ports for power/data (for 2021 models)

YouTube Unboxing & Installation

I place the Tesla model 3 console organizer in the center of the center console and press the corners to secure it. Jeda Tray is also compatible with top-loading console organizers.

Jeda Tray Unboxed

Jeda Products, Inc is proud to announce the launch of the Tesla Tray, a tech-focused center console organizer with first of it’s kind features that integrate Apple and Google devices.  An all-in-one product, the Tesla Tray: organizes your Tesla, stores your devices against theft, charges your devices, and adds more ports for extra power and data.

tesla tray by jeda unboxed |
Tesla Tray by Jeda

Keep your valuables safe in your Tesla with secure storage. The Tesla Center Console Tray has a unique form factor which maximizes the space in your center console effectively thanks to its 1 inch thick design. As a result, it sits at the mid-way point in your center console area creating a secure space below perfect for objects that you don’t want easily seen.

Magnetic USB-C

A magnetic cable is included with the Tesla Center Console Tray y Jeda USB Hub Console that works perfectly with the first USB-C port on the Jeda Hub, but can also be used with a regular USB-C cable.

tesla tray by jeda magnetic usb c |
Tesla Tray by Jeda - How to Maximize Space in Your Tesla Model 3 & Model Y 6

Built-in Wireless Charging

Jeda’s Tesla Tray has built-in charging for wireless headphones such as Apple Airpods and Pixel Buds. In addition to charging headphones, the Jeda Tray also has a built-in wireless charger for smartwatches. The integrated USB hub is included and adds more connection ports for additional power and other devices. The design includes a hidden area for keeping valuables safe.

tesla tray by jeda watch airpods |
Tesla Tray by Jeda

Reflexiones finales

As someone who hates clutter, I greatly appreciate having a way to organize my console so it stays sleek and stylish like when I first bought it. It has helped me enjoy my Tesla Model 3 even more

With a few simple steps to take, you can organize your console and enjoy your Tesla Model 3. Not only that, you can wirelessly charge your smart watch and earbuds.

Visit and order your Jeda Tray today and organize your Tesla Model 3 or Y Center Console!

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