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Preparados, listos, ¡Luminar AI!

Skylum is really dialing up the frequency on their main objective, “Great photos, less time”!

I’m really excited about this new product for the creative possibilities. Do you open a new photo from your last photo session and sometimes don’t know where to start? They’re trying to change that with their latest AI-enabled software program called LuminarAI. I think this will be a real game changer for professional and casual photographers.

Limited Time Promotion: Get 50% OFF Luminar AI!

I look forward to using the brand new program and integrating it into Graydon’s Mavic Drone Guides for a new way to edit your aerial images.

New Logo!

Meet Luminar AI |
Ready, Set, Luminar AI! 8
Luminar AI launch poster 2 |
Ready, Set, Luminar AI! 9

New Interface

Stormy Sally |
Ready, Set, Luminar AI! 10

Preorder Now

Ya se puede preordenar LuminarAI a un precio especial por adelantado de US$69 para nuevos clientes o US$59 with their loyalty discount if you purchased any previous version of Luminar or Aurora HDR and includes access to the LuminarAI Insiders community.

Ready, Set, Luminar AI! 11

Note: Early Bird Price is limited for the the first 30,000 customers only.

Luminar AI Video

Few More Photos

Atmosphere AI


luminar ai before 5 |
Ready, Set, Luminar AI! 12


luminar ai after 6 OG |
Ready, Set, Luminar AI! 13

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Por Graydon Schwartz

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