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Ahora con tecnología ❤️ con Cloudflare Enterprise

Cloudflare para empresas
Cloudflare DC Locations

In other news, I updated the web hosting for this website to Cloudflare Enterprise. Recently, I became curious about whether it was possible to get the benefits of paid Cloudflare plans with managed hosting.

I spent too much time setting things up and am not interested in becoming an expert on Linux or web servers, etc, so enter

It is a fully managed WordPress web host that is tightly integrated with Cloudflare Enterprise’s ($6,000 value!). What does that mean? Well, with traditional web hosting your site is hosted in one place, say Chicago or Los Angeles. With this solution, your site is automatically cached at all CF data center locations so that your site loads incredibly fast even if your customer or viewer is on the other side of the world! 🙂

REVISIÓN COMPLETA: Revisión de El mejor alojamiento gestionado para WordPress (2021)

Cloudflare Free vs Business vs Pro vs Enterprise

He realizado varias pruebas de latencia de CDN para probar la red de Cloudflare Business/Pro/Enterprise.

Prueba de latencia CDN ( Enlace de prueba (Cloudflare Free)

Prueba de latencia CDN ( Enlace de prueba (Empresa Cloudflare/

Cloudflare Free vs Cloudflare Enterprise (prueba de rendimiento)

Cloudflare para empresas
Cloudflare Gratis

Cloudflare Gratis

TTFB para Frankfurt y Dallas fueron impresionantes, pero eso es todo para la oferta gratuita de Cloudflare para mi sitio web.

Cloudflare para empresas
Cloudflare para empresas

Cloudflare Enterprise (

Es bastante el día y la noche entre Cloudflare Free vs Cloudflare Enterprise 🙂 .

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What is Time to First Byte?

Time to first byte (or TTFB) is an indication of how quickly a website or other resource responds.

Already using Cloudflare?

Free-tier and pro-plan customers aren’t going to get the same experience that enterprise customers are. If you abandon your Pro or Business plan you can let Rocket manage everything and focus on content instead.

What is the Edge of the Cloud?

The Edge of the Cloud is where all clouds connect with internet service providers. This is also where all major CDNs have their footprint, so they can be as close as possible to end-users. Rocket takes advantage of a routing technology that moves the connection between your servers and your users as close to them as possible.

How does full page caching work?

CDN PoPs will automatically cache every page on your WordPress site(s). That means your WordPress website will render faster regardless of the origin.

This means your WordPress website will automatically be cached at over 200 locations around the globe, with no configuration required.

Does Rocket caching work with WooCommerce? has a feature that will ignore the global full page cache when it detects WooCoommerce cookies on requests. This means that dynamic requests will make it to WordPress, while static content is still cached.

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