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¿Probando nuevas formas de crear y escribir contenidos? Estas herramientas se lo pondrán fácil. Cree varios ejemplares de anuncios y pruebe cuáles funcionan mejor.

I’m always ready to learn new ways to speed up writing or creating content. CopyAI and ContentBot can be used for powerful AB testing. You can easily come up with multiple ad copies and see which one works best for the campaign!

CopyAI is a smart Artificial Intelligence copywriter that can generate powerful email optin and landing page copy for you in seconds. They have created a game-changing tool that will save marketers hours of work every day, freeing up valuable time to focus on what's important…

ContentBot is a data driven artificial intelligence platform that helps marketers create and source high quality copy and content at high volumes. Take a load off your mind and pair it with a powerful AI bot.

AI Summarizer

This tool is an article summary generator.

You give it a paragraph and it summarises the text into one or two sentences.

I especially like the summarizer tools within CopyAI y ContentBot. I will share the text that I provided to the tools (INPUT) and the multiple results that were automatically generated (OUTPUT). Finally, I will share the text that I ended up with for my content.

INPUT (what I gave it): This YouTube video is about how far the Tesla Autopilot has come in navigating roundabouts. I captured the video with a Mavic 2 Pro, with Tripod Mode, to show the auto-driving with a birds eye view.

OUTPUT (options from AI):

  1. With this new technology, you can enjoy driving without a care in the world. Just let your car do the work!
  2. There are many benefits to the Tesla Autopilot. This video captured a roundabout being navigated, with a birds-eye-view.
  3. The Tesla autopilot has come a long way with it’s navigation around roundabouts. With the Mavic 2 Pro, we can see this with a birds eye view.
  4. Check out the video to see the impressive progress Tesla Autopilot has made in navigating roundabouts.

MY PICK: Today’s video demonstrates how the Tesla Autopilot has come a long way in navigating roundabouts. I captured this video with a Mavic 2 Pro, in Tripod Mode, to show the Autopilot’s auto-driving from a birds-eye view.

I'm really pleased with how well the AI wrote this content summary. I used this bold text for the excerpt for the blog post. Otherwise, you could take a paragraph from your article for the excerpt, but what I don't like about this route is that it's duplicate content. I'd rather summarize so that it's unique content and quickly summarize the post for the blog visitor.

I ran the tool through the ringer again to see what it could come up with.

INPUT (what I gave it): A first look outside of the Tesla Service Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Photos of remodeling beginnings appeared on Tesla Motors Club website on Apr 27, 2021. They later posted photos showing what presumably would be dug trenches for customer EV charging stalls.

OUTPUT (options from AI):

  1. The Tesla Service Center in Madison, Wisconsin is being updated to include EV charging spots. Tesla Motors Club posted photos of the remodeling, which is underway.
  2. The photos of the Tesla Service Center in Madison, Wisconsin show the beginning of the remodel and the new charging stations.
  3. The Tesla Service Center in Madison, Wisconsin just began construction.
  4. Tesla is now in Wisconsin! If you live in the area, you're in luck. Tesla will soon be providing pickup and delivery services for Tesla owners.

MY PICK: Tesla is expanding in Wisconsin and will be opening a new service center in Madison. The new center will be opened up later in 2021 and will be the second Tesla service center in the state.

I was surprised that it came up with “will be the second Tesla service center in the state.” because normally these tools are not designed for super-up-to-date information or maybe it was a lucky guess? These tools are more intended to write evergreen content.

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TESMAT en el Supercargador de Tesla


TESMAT podría ser el colchón adecuado para su próxima siesta en el Supercargador, su viaje de acampada en coche o el regalo perfecto para su propietario favorito del Tesla Model 3/Y. Puedes usar mi código de cupón para ahorrar en tu compra.

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