Easily Upscale Mavic 2 Pro Hyperlapse to 8K Resolution

Improving the frame rates in the video footage is crucial when making the hyperlapse. I have created a detailed guide on how to easily upscale Mavic 2 Pro hyperlapse to 8K resolution in a few simple steps. In terms of total megapixels, we are going from 20 to 80! 😀

Tools Needed

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Adobe Bridge 2021
    • Adobe RAW
  • Preferably .DNG files from DJI Mavic 2 Pro, DJI Mavic Air 2 or any other drone that supports RAW.

I’m pretty sure you’ll need an active subscription as Camera RAW is bound to Adobe Photoshop, but you can try this new feature at any time with a free trial of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Bridge

First, you are going to open up Adobe Bridge 2021.

  1. Browse to the folder you which to upscale.
  2. Control+A (Windows) or Command-A (Mac) to select all the items in the folder.
  3. Right click on one of the selected items and select “Open in Camera Raw…”

Adobe Camera RAW

  1. Right click on the opened image and select “Enhance…”
  2. Select “Super Resolution”
  3. This is very fast for a single image, but for a batch it can take up to 20 minutes or longer to process a full folder full of Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic Air 2 DNG files, depending of course on your hardware.

You will end up with enhanced DNG files in the same directory of the original files. I prefer to keep these files separate, so I have moved them to their own folder.

Lastly, you can return back to Adobe Bridger and navigate to the folder with the newly created enhanced RAW files and run Export to => Custom Export.

  • Image Format: JPEG
  • Image Quality: 12
  • Scale Images: 100%
  • Include Original Metadata (Optional)

I wasn’t sure how Adobe Premiere Pro would handle these newly created 250Mb files. Let me know if you have any luck using these giant DNG files in your Hyperlapse project in the comments below.

8K Final Results

I can’t wait to see this on an actual 8K screen someday!

By Graydon Schwartz

Find out more about Graydon on the About Me page.

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