Dreamcase vs TESMAT — Which Mattress Is Better For Tesla Model 3 and Model Y?

Dreamcase vs TESMAT — Which Mattress Is Better For Tesla Model 3 and Model Y?
Dreamcase vs TESMAT — Which Mattress Is Better For Tesla Model 3 and Model Y? (MidJ v5)

The Tesla Mattresses are the ideal solution for anyone who loves the great outdoors, regardless of whether you’re an adventurous traveler or someone looking for a quick nap. These mattresses enable you to transform your Tesla sedan into a comfortable and convenient home away from home.

The Dreamcase vs TESMAT are two popular options for Tesla Mattresses. With either of these innovative products, you can practically live in your car without worrying about hotel costs. These Tesla Mattresses are affordable and convenient, making them the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a comfortable camping experience.

This Tesla Mattress review covers everything you need to know about the TESMAT vs Dreamcase. You’ll learn about the quality, features, and real customer experiences to help you make an informed decision before your next outdoor adventure or recharging breaks at a Supercharger station. The Tesla Mattresses are an affordable and comfortable solution for exploring the great outdoors.

Keep reading my Buyer’s Guide to learn more about the mattresses available for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, including a comparison between the Dreamcase vs TESMAT.

Best Mattresses For Sleeping In Your Tesla

Best Mattresses For Sleeping In Your Tesla

There are many good reasons to invest in a Tesla mattress. Whether for travel, camping, relaxation, or even as a bed, a Tesla mattress can provide various benefits.

Standard benefits include:

  • Sleep comfortably in any environment.
  • Staying refreshed and energized with a quick nap.

Emotional benefits involve:

  • Enjoying the freedom to sleep anywhere, anytime.
  • Taking your bed on the road with you.

Currently, there are only two main types of Tesla mattresses on the market. In this article, I will cover everything you need to know to find the perfect mattress for your needs.

This article presents a comparison between the two products mentioned in the title: TESMAT Gen 2 and Dreamcase. The comparison is based on thorough research and comprehensive information gathered from multiple sources.


  • Mattress for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y
  • Quick return on investment
  • Effortless setup
  • Sleep or rest anytime, anywhere
  • Case doubles as beverage cooler
  • Free shipping & returns in the USA
  • Use "GRAYDON20" for $20 off TESMAT
Buy for Tesla Model 3


DreamCase was designed to make car travel spontaneous, convenient and safe by swiftly unfolding into a double mattress for the coziest of rest.

  • Clean packaging
  • The outer shell protects it from dirt
  • Premium aesthetics
Buy for Tesla Model 3

My goal is to offer the reader the most comprehensive comparison between the two camping mattresses and to help you decide which mattress to choose for Tesla Model 3 / Model Y.

If you live anywhere near a campground, it may be worth considering buying camping equipment specifically for use in your vehicle so there’s no need to lug around bulky items like tents when they’re not needed. So which model should you choose?

Specifically designed for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y.

Table of Contents

  1. Tesla Mattress for Car Camping
  2. The Tesla Model 3 Is Short on Space
  3. Designed Specifically For The Model 3 and Model Y
  4. What’s included?
  5. Feature Comparison
  6. Dimension Comparison
  7. Dreamcase: Shipping International
  8. TESMAT: Shipping International
  9. Final Thoughts
  10. FAQ
  11. Learn More

Tesla Mattress for Car Camping

Camper Mode

Best Mattresses For Sleeping In Your Tesla

Now that “camper mode” has been released, you can maintain your climate and stay at your ideal temperature while charging all your devices, so you are able to catch the beautiful sunrise the next morning!

The automaker wrote about “Camp Mode” in the release notes:

Your car can now maintain airflow, temperature, interior lighting, as well as play music, and power devices when Camp Mode is enabled. To enable Camp Mode, tap the fan icon at the bottom of the touchscreen and set ‘Keep Climate On’ to ‘CAMP’ while your car is in ‘PARK.’

The Tesla Model 3 Is Short on Space

  • Model 3 Cargo Space: 43.6 ft³ with seats down
  • Model Y Cargo Space: 68 ft³ with seats down

Due to the fact that the space in the Tesla Model 3 is limited, it is important to have a mattress that maximizes the available space. It is not possible to have a mattress that is too big, otherwise you will run out of space for yourself.

Dreamcase vs TESMAT Mattresses Are Designed Specifically For The Model 3 and Model Y

Dreamcase vs TESMAT mattresses are made specifically for the Model 3. They’re all-electric and sleep space-saving, but sleep comfortable.

The Model 3 is a very unique design which requires a matching unique mattress.  Both mattresses were designed to support the Model 3 and Model Y, ensuring comfort and rest while protecting the car’s sensitive interior.  Protecting your new asset while maximizing you enjoyment is our objective.

What’s included? Dreamcase vs TESMAT

Product Price Carrying Case Includes Sheets Travel Pillow Privacy Screen
Dreamcase $700 Yes No Yes No
Dreamcase + Sheeting $796 Yes Yes Yes No
TESMAT $239 Yes No No No
TESMAT Bundle $294 Yes Yes No Yes

Please note: Prices are approximate for Dreamcase. Converted USB to EURO. Updated Jan 2021.

TESMAT: Want it now? Pay up front. Looking for a little more time? No problem. TESMAT has something for everyone.

Dreamcase: Doesn’t have any pay over time offerings at this time.

Dreamcase for the Model 3 / Model Y
TESMAT for the Model 3 / Model Y

Dreamcase for the Model 3 / Model Y

The Dreamcase is a complete bedding solution that includes a portable, foldable memory foam mattress, a microfiber foam cover, duvet, and travel pillows. When setting up your Dreamcase, you can also choose to add white bedsheets at an extra cost. The mattress is available in four different colors – black, gray, beige, and white.


  • Clean and professional packaging
  • Outer shell protects against dirt and damage
  • Premium aesthetics add to the overall appeal


  • Requires two people for easier set up
  • Higher price point may be a barrier for some customers
  • Customer support team may be unresponsive or slow to help

How to set up DREAMCASE

Here’s a short video of the Dreamcase mattress in the Tesla Model S.

Dreamcase vs TESMAT

TESMAT for the Model 3 / Model Y

The TESMAT is a complete bedding solution that includes three individual gel memory foam mats and a carrying case that fits neatly into the sub-trunk of your vehicle. The versatile case can also be used as an insulated cooler for drinks or lunch once you have removed the mattress. In addition to the mattress and case, the TESMAT bundle also includes gray bedsheets and a privacy screen, making it a comprehensive and convenient choice for your outdoor adventures.


  • Rapid return on investment due to cost savings on accommodations
  • Quick and effortless setup process that conforms to the shape of your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y
  • Affordable pricing for a high-quality product
  • Multi-functional carrying case doubles as a cooler for beverages or snacks


  • Limited availability for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y only, which may not be suitable for customers with other vehicle types

How to set up TESMAT

Here is a short video of the TESMAT mattress in the Tesla Model 3. It takes less than a few minutes to unpack and setup this mattress in the back of your Tesla.


Feature Comparison

Product Bedsheets Fits in Sub-trunk
Dreamcase +$101 No
TESMAT +$55 (plus bonus) Yes
Product Washable cover Free Shipping Cooler Case
Dreamcase No No No
TESMAT Yes Yes Yes

Please note: Prices are approximate for Dreamcase. Converted USB to EURO.

  • Dreamcase offers bedsheets as an $84 EUR add-on ($100 USD approximately).
  • TESMAT offers bedsheets and a privacy screen together for only $55 USD with purchase of the TESMAT.
  • TESMAT now also offers a 4-piece comforter set for $59 (new for 2022).
  • TESMAT does not include travel pillows, while Dreamcase does.
  • TESMAT is made up of 3 pieces, whereas Dreamcase is a complete mattress.

Dimension Comparison

Product Name / Rating / Price Dimensions (Length / Width / Height)
Dreamcase Rating: 3.5 $700 (more or less) Length: 76.38 inch Width: 35.43 inch Height: 2.16 inch
TESMAT Rating: 5.0 $219.00 (with coupon code) Free USA shipping + returns Length: 75 inch Width: 38 inch Height: 3 inch
Product Name / Rating / Price Dimensions (Length / Width / Height)
Dreamcase - Rating: 3.5 - $700 (more or less) Length: 194 cm, Width: 90 cm, Height: 5.08 cm
TESMAT - Rating: 5.0 - $219.00 (with coupon code), Free USA shipping + returns Length: 190.5 cm, Width: 96.52 cm, Height: 7.62 cm

I contacted Dreamcase and learned that their memory foam is 2 inches thick when fully assembled.

Dreamcase vs TESMAT – Dreamcase for the Model 3 / Model Y
Dreamcase vs TESMAT – TESMAT for the Model 3 / Model Y

When folding down the seats in a Tesla Model 3 to make room for the mattress, some exposed metal parts (the seat hooks) are visible inside the vehicle. A concern that both TESMAT and Dreamcase have not addressed is the risk of accidentally bumping into the exposed metal while sleeping at night.

This can potentially cause inconvenience or, in more serious cases, result in injury.

I believe it would be a valuable addition if either company could offer a rubber or fabric cover for the exposed metal area, providing protection from harm while sleeping.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Bjørn Nyland’s review of the Dreamcase for the Model 3 identified some drawbacks, such as a cumbersome setup process, a hefty weight of 20 kilograms, and overly stiff pillows. In contrast, my experience with the TESMAT has been more positive, with a user-friendly design that includes three lightweight sections and a waterproof carrying case.

The TESMAT is a more affordable option, with the option to buy additional pillows separately, while still maintaining a lower overall cost than the Dreamcase. For a comprehensive car camping kit, the TESMAT package is well worth the extra $55 USD (around €46), providing a memory foam mattress, carrying case, sheets, and privacy screen for your windows.

I strongly recommend the TESMAT for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners who are considering a car camping mattress. With just 2-5 nights of use, the investment can be recouped, all while supporting a small US-based company. Before making a purchase, ensure there is adequate headroom by folding down the rear seats, as both products extend to the back of the front seats.

On the other hand, my personal experience with the TESMAT, which is constructed in three parts, has made it significantly easier for me to set up the bedding alone. The three Z-folded rows of the TESMAT are lightweight and fit easily into the accompanying bag. Unpacking and packing the TESMAT is hassle-free, thanks to the magnetic clasps.

I believe the TESMAT offers the best balance of comfort and affordability for car camping enthusiasts. I encourage fellow Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners to share their car camping experiences and any surprises they encountered. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below, and I’ll be happy to respond. Don’t hesitate to try Tesla camping and share your adventures. Happy car camping!


Can the three separate mats move out of place while I’m sleeping?

Absolutely not! The TESMAT pillows will stay securely in place throughout the night due to their Velcro bottom, which clings to the layer of carpet on the back of the rear seats. Additionally, the elastic fitted bedsheets wrap tightly around the rear seat headrests and underneath the sub-trunk, ensuring everything remains stable and in place.

Exactly how big is the TESMAT mattress? How tall a person can it easily accommodate?

The TESMAT measures exactly 75 inches, making it twin-sized. Even a person who is 6 foot 3 inches tall can comfortably lie down on the mattress, from tip to tip, on their back. Additionally, when lying down on the TESMAT, the weight of your body will cause the mattress to extend slightly past the end of your rear seat headrests.

Will TESMAT work with my Tesla Model S or X?

While the TESMAT is designed to be optimized for the Tesla Model 3 and Y, it can still be used in the Model S or X with some adjustments to the placement and fitting.

Does TESMAT ship internationally?

TESMAT offers worldwide shipping, and customers can check the shipping cost by entering their shipping address at checkout.

Is TESMAT made by Tesla?

The TESMAT is a mattress specifically designed for Tesla vehicles, made by Tesla owners for Tesla owners. While there are many options available for Tesla mattresses, in my opinion, none of them compare to the quality and functionality of the TESMAT.

How much does it cost to ship the TESMAT internationally?

Using the TESMAT ordering system, customers can calculate the shipping costs for various international destinations.

United States
TESMAT is based in the United States and shipping is free to most states, but shipping costs apply to states outside the continental United States. Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii costs about $65.97 with USPS Priority Mail or $97.63 with FedEx 2Day.

TESMAT has many shipping options to Canada and prices start at 40 Canadian dollars with FedEx Ground to Ontario, Canada.

United Kingdom
UK shipping costs $76.06 or £55.61 via FedEx International Economy (4-day).

Shipping to Germany costs approximately €86.55 with UPS Worldwide Expedited or €105.11 with UPS Worldwide Saver.

How much does it cost to ship the Dreamcase internationally?

By visiting the Dreamcase website, I was able to calculate the shipping costs to several international destinations. Dreamcase is located in Kranj, Slovenia and operates in the internet and mail-order industry.

United States
Shipping to the United States costs approximately €69,00 or $84.46 USD, as of this writing.

Dreamcase ships to Canada and prices start at $106.31 Canadian dollars with UPS Express Saver to Ontario, Canada.

UPS standard to UK, France, Italy, Germany and other European countries starts at €33,14 or £29.50.

Is TESMAT compatible with other vehicles?

The TESMAT is specifically designed and optimized for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. While it may be possible to use the TESMAT in other vehicles, it is not recommended, as the size and shape of the mattress may not fit properly or provide the same level of comfort and support.

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