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Wie weit kann der Mavic 3 im Sportmodus fliegen?

I took the Mavic 3 out recently in sport mode to see how it performs in windy conditions and cold temperatures, with a fresh 100% charged battery.

Media Offline

In working on this video, I ran into another DaVinci Resolve bug where DaVinci Resolve would display a message indicating that assets were missing, “Media Offline” when they weren’t.

I had also been using Adobe Lightroom, but it was running in a different folder, so I closed both applications and copied a fresh copy of the file from the microSD card as well.

Although the video has rendered out, I still see the message. It now appears for only a frame compared to 2-3 frames before.

What is going with DaVinci Resolve 17.4.2? Thankfully saw this line in the release notes:

  • “Addressed an issue with parts of H.264 clips showing offline on Windows.”

This worked for this particular issue, but I’m sure it’s a specific solution.

I hope this will help someone else and remind me how to fix this in the future.

Mavic 3 Sport Mode Test Flight: How Far Can It Fly?

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