Können andere Elektroautos Tesla-Ladegeräte verwenden?

Can Other Electric Cars Use Tesla Chargers? Short answer, yes in fact but…

Long answer, it depends on which Tesla charger we’re talking about. A new Tesla typically includes the J1772 to Tesla Connector, but does not support the opposite direction. Read on now if you’re interested in being able to charge your non-Tesla electric vehicle at a destination charger or using a friend’s Tesla Mobile Connector in an emergency situation.

Tesla Supercharger: NOT YET!

Speaking of the Tesla Supercharger Network, it is not yet possible, but Tesla has been hinting for some time that it will open its charging network to other electric car manufacturers.

Tesla Wall Connector: YES!

We have a few different ways to convert the Tesla Wall Connector to J1772 via third party adapters. WARNING: Do not attempt to use any of these adapters at a Tesla Supercharger station!


EVSEadapters.com provides some fantastic third party adapters in 32amp, 40amp and 80amp:

Tesla to J1772 Adapter


Amazon also has the Lectron – Tesla to J1772 Adapter for this application but maxes out at 40amp.

So interesting that it is possible to charge your Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf or other electric vehicles with a level 2 charging speeds with a J1772 to Tesla adapter. Can you imagine the face of the Tesla owner when they see a Volt charging at the what use to be a Tesla-only charger?

Another use case could be someone who owns a Tesla and an electric Zero Motorcycle. 🙂

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