CopyAI vs ContentBot: Which AI Writing Tool is Right for You?

CopyAI vs ContentBot: Which AI Writing Tool is Right for You?
CopyAI vs ContentBot: Which AI Writing Tool is Right for You?


Copy is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. However, copywriting is not an easy thing to do, and often takes experts many hours. Painful!

Luckily, several startups have been pushing the boundaries of AI technology in this area. In this article, I'd like to cover one such startup – ContentBot – and review it with a comparison against a more traditional AI copywriter – CopyAI. Which one should you use?

I've had the chance use both CopyAI and ContentBot for 8-12 months and I've had enough time with both to compare them.

There are currently 91 writing tools on CopyAI, while ContentBot has 33 tools or what they call templates.

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Table of Contents

What is AI copywriting software?

AI Copywriting software is a “robotic application which use several technologies to automate the creation of content. With machine intelligence and AI it facilitates rapid and accurate content creation.

With these advanced technologies, you will be able to generate content that detects plagiarism, addresses grammar errors, forms concise sentences, increases readability, and makes your posts more engaging.

A specialized AI writing tool algorithm has the capability to create content beyond the 'Commercial Post'. They can even write sentiment, blog posts or even love letters. For their efficiency and accuracy many large brands have begun using of these AI writing tool assistants.

What is CopyAI?

CopyAI is an artificial intelligence software that automates the entire content creation process.

The first and most important benefit of CopyAI is its ability to generate high quality content in a very short amount of time. The average human writer can create up to 2000 words per hour, whereas CopyAI can do up to 30,000 words per hour! That’s an incredible difference!

CopyAI is a revolutionary software that lets anyone create content like an AI. If you’re tired of the usual formulaic and boring content on your social media accounts, CopyAI can help you increase email subscribers and conversions on your website by providing you with fresh, viral content that will grab people’s attention.

What is ContentBot?

ContentBot is an AI software built to write blog posts for you. It's not just some ordinary automatic article spinner, it's a state-of-the-art deep learning neural network trained on millions of articles to produce unique, readable articles that are relevant to any topic you want.

The AI engine crawls through thousands of high-performing blogs and generates fresh, high-quality content based on what’s working right now. But this isn’t just an ordinary copywriter. ContentBot isn’t limited to your current industry or niche; it works with any topic under the sun. All you need to do is feed the system a little context about what you want to write about.

CopyAI Pricing vs ContentBot Pricing

Due to the differences between short form and long form, I divided the pricing accordingly.

Create Short Form Content

Tool / PlanPriceShort Form
CopyAI Solo Plan$35/mo* or $49/moUnlimited
ContentBot Free Plan$0/mo10 Credits
ContentBot Premium$29/moUnlimited
ContentBot Premium PLUS$79/moUnlimited

Create Long Form Content

Tool / PlanPriceLong Form
CopyAI Solo Plan$35/mo* or $49/moComing Soon
ContentBot Free Plan$0/moBasic Editor
ContentBot Premium$29/mo25 Credits
ContentBot Premium PLUS$79/mo75 Credits

As opposed to CopyAI, ContentBot can write full blog posts.

The Paraphrase Rewriter tool in ContentBot is only available with 25/75 credits, Premium and Premium plus, respectively, while CopyAI doesn't have a limit on such features.

*If you pay for a whole year of CopyAI Solo Plan, you will save $168/per year.

Ai Writing Tools Compared

AI Product Descriptions Tool

Product DescriptionsN/A

AI Digital Ad Copy Tools

Ad Copy VariantsN/A
Facebook HeadlinesN/A
Facebook Link DescriptionsN/A
Facebook ListicleN/A
Facebook Primary TextN/A
General Ad CopyN/A
Google DescriptionsN/A
Google HeadlinesN/A
LinkedIn Ad CopyN/A

AI Startup Tools

Audience RefinerN/A
Brand MissionN/A
Brand VoiceN/A
Motto GeneratorN/A
Value PropositionN/A

AI Website Copy

Event CopyN/A
Landing Page Hero TextN/A
Meta DescriptionsN/A
Question GeneratorN/A
Social Proof TextN/A
Testimonial RewriterN/A

AI Blog Post Tools

Blog Post IntrosBlog Post Intros
Blog Post IdeasBlog Post Topic Ideas (+Intros) (Similar Tool)
Blog Post OutlineBlog Post Outlines
Blog Post Title - ListicleListicle (Similar Tool)
Bullet Point to Blog SectionBullet Point Expander (Similar Tool)
Blog Post Topic Ideas
CopyAI Settings
What is your blog title? BLANK.
What is the blog about? AI Writing Software
Tone: Professional

ContentBot Settings
Article Topic: AI Writing SoftwareInclude Intros: No (unchecked)
Include Trends: No (unchecked)
CopyAI Results
What Makes Artificial Intelligence Software Different From Traditional Writing Programs? A blog post about artificial intelligence writing softwareCopyAI Result #1
Is A.I. the Future of Writing Software? Blog about the ever evolving world of artificial intelligence and how it can be used for writing software.CopyAI Result #2
AI Let’s Write A Story! Here’s How to Get Started: a blog about using artificial intelligence to writing stories.CopyAI Result #3
ContentBot Results
Top 5 Reasons You Need AI Writing Software for Your Content CreationContentBot Result #1
How to use AI to write simple but effective blog contentContentBot Result #2
One of the questions I often get asked is how the AI writing software "writes" your data into an article.ContentBot Result #3
Blog Post Intros
CopyAI Settings
What is your blog title? BLANK.
What is the blog about? AI Writing Assistants
Tone: Professional

ContentBot Settings
Article Topic: AI Writing AssistantsTone: Professional
CopyAI Results
There is a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence writing assistants, chatbots and digital writing assistants. But if you’re new to the world of AI then it can be difficult to know where to start or how to use it in your content or business.CopyAI Result #1
I’m taking care of several tasks this month that require writing, which means I’ll be using some artificial intelligence writing assistants. One has the ability to increase my writing speed by 6x, but will it lose the ability to “think” for me?CopyAI Result #2
At this year’s EmTech Digital in San Francisco, Google CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled the latest in their assistant technology: A.I. writing assistants. At this point, what you’re probably wondering is, “what in the world is an A.I. writing assistant?”CopyAI Result #3
ContentBot Results
Artificial intelligence writing assistants - a blessing or a curse Is AI a blessing or a curse? In a recent article, the BBC's Lucy Pasha-Robinson looks at the implications of an AI-powered writing assistant from Nuance, who thinks it's time for "humans to stop writing," in a bid to boost productivity in the workplace. The article quotes a spokesperson from Nuance saying that "we're looking to achieve great business results for our customers," and that there's a suggestion that "the upswing in AI in the workplace is going to result in a boom in productivity." However, what will happen to all the human writers? What will happen to the quality of their writing? I would argue AIContentBot Result #1
Fully-powered AI Writing Assistants Beware all budding writers: The fully-powered Artificial Intelligence Writing Assistants are here and they take no prisoners. The Artificial Intelligence Writing Assistant has been around since the 1960s. It was touted as a way to save the workforce from the monotony of their writing tasks. The technology has changed and now companies such as Artificial Intelligence Company offer software that can do the work of human writers. However, as these computer programs complete over 80% of the work, it’s hard to see the line where we humans end and where they begin. Some writers might be relieved to know they don’t have to worry about grammatical errors and spelling mistakesContentBot Result #2
In a world where the demand for human intelligence has been increasingly outpaced by the rising number of complex tasks, having a dedicated AI Writing Assistant is a desirable commodity. ABA is an acronym for Artificial Intelligence Writing Assistant. They are programmed with the skills needed to tackle the most mundane of tasks such as terminating sentences with a period or writing in third person point of view. The program comes in the form of a Chrome extension and is used in conjunction with any word processing program. The extension is available in both free and premium versions. Depending on your needs and budget, you can customise the functions and features of the AI. For example, if you want to use ABA in WordPress, you can do soContentBot Result #3

AI Email / Letter Tools

Cancellation EmailN/A
Catchy Email Subject LinesN/A
Confirmation EmailsN/A
Follow Up EmailN/A
Thank You NoteN/A
Welcome EmailN/A

AI Social Media Tools

Add Emoji To ListN/A
Bullet PointsN/A
Carousel PostN/A
Crazy Youtube IdeasN/A
Hashtag GeneratorN/A
Hook GeneratorN/A
Instagram CaptionsN/A
Instagram Product ShowcaseN/A
Launch Your ProductN/A
Launch Your ProductN/A
Relatable ExperiencesN/A
Short Text HookN/A
TikTok Brainstorm TopicsN/A
Video Call To ActionN/A
YouTube Description IntroN/A
YouTube Video TitleN/A

AI Sales Copy Tools / AI Marketing Tools

Attention-Interest-Desire-ActionAIDA (Similar Tool)
Feature to BenefitsN/A
Marketing AnglesN/A
Pain-Agitate-SolutionPain-Agitate-Solution (Similar Tool)
QUEST CopywritingN/A

AI Copywriting Tools

AI Writing Tools

Adjective AcceleratorN/A
Analogy GeneratorN/A
Bullet Point to Blog Post SectionN/A
Bullet Point to ParagraphN/A
Essay IntroN/A
Essay OutlineN/A
Explain Like I'm 5Explain it to a Child (Similar Tool)
N/AExplain it like a Professor
Hero Story IntroN/A
Hero Story VillainN/A
Passive To Active VoiceN/A
Press Release IntrosN/A
Rewrite With KeywordsN/A
Sentence RewriterParaphrase Rewriter, AI Rewriter
Simplify SentencesSummarizer (Similar Tool)
Tone ChangerChange Tone (Similar Tool)
Two Sentence StoriesN/A
Verb BoosterN/A
N/AFinish the sentence
N/APlagiarism Check
Explain Like I'm 5 / Explain it to a Child #1

Turn complex text into more simplistic text, based on an inputted grade level.

GPT-3, or the third generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a neural network machine learning model trained using internet data to generate any type of text. Developed by OpenAI, it requires a small amount of input text to generate large volumes of relevant and sophisticated machine-generated text.
CopyAI Results
We’re trying to make machine intelligence easier to use. The way it works now, experts have to program computers by hand. We are designing them to work on their own, the same way humans learn.CopyAI Result #1
A company called OpenAI is using computers to create new types of writing.CopyAI Result #2
We made a computer that can write in the style of other people. It’s called Open AI, and it can help you write books or articles without having to work very hard.CopyAI Result #3
ContentBot Results
GPT-3, or the third generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a model developed by Open AI. It is used to generate any type of text.ContentBot Result #1
GPT-3 is used to produce large volumes of quality text.ContentBot Result #2
The way it works is that the model is trained on a large corpus of text in a target domain, and is then able to produce a large number of semantically coherent sentences in that domain in a very fluent style.ContentBot Result #3
Explain Like I'm 5 / Explain it to a Child #2

Turn complex text into more simplistic text, based on an inputted grade level.

Take for instance the race for the $1,000 genome that started in the early 2000s. Initially, sequencing the human genome meant a race between the well-funded public and private sectors but more importantly, the resources for the first breakthrough ended up costing upwards of $450M. Yet despite all the economic promise of genome sequencing, had Moore’s law been applied, sequencing one full genome would still cost $100,000 today. However, once the goal became clearer to everyone, a diversity of technologies and challengers emerged. This intense competition eventually yielded a growth faster than Moore’s Law. The main takeaway is that one cannot rely on the steady progress of one specific technology alone to commoditize tools.
CopyAI Results
To make sequencing the human genome cheaper, people were competing to do it first. They spent lots of money.CopyAI Result #1
Sometime in the 2000s, people started trying to find ways to improve how we read our DNA. The first time they tried, it cost $1 billion. We’re trying to do it better and cheaper than that.CopyAI Result #3
It used to cost a lot of money to sequence a human genome. Now it is much cheaper.CopyAI Result #3
ContentBot Results
There is no single winner in the race to the $1,000 genome. Instead, the cost of sequencing a human genome is getting less expensive each year.ContentBot Result #1
For example, the first race to sequence a genome cost a lot of money. It went from being a public and private competition to a large-scale collaboration. If the goal had been clearer, many new technologies would have emerged.ContentBot Result #2
The $1,000 genome was a big deal. Initially it was the big companies that were in the race. But then new technologies emerged.ContentBot Result #3
Simplify Sentences / Summarizer

Summarize a paragraph of text.

There have to be reasons that you get up in the morning and you want to live. Why do you want to live? What's the point? What inspires you? What do you love about the future? If the future does not include being out there among the stars and being a multi-planet species, I find that incredibly depressing.Elon Musk
CopyAI Results
There are reasons people get up in the morning. One of the reasons is to go to space. People want to live in space because they are excited about it. They want to be a multi-planet species. I find this exciting too.
It is important to find out why you want to live, and it is important to be inspired by this. If you are not inspired by the future, it makes me sad.
I want to live so I can go to space and send people there.
ContentBot Results
You must have dreams. You must have reasons to be alive.
Humans should be a multi-planet species.
If the future does not include being out among the stars and being a multi-planet species, it is depressing.

I feel like CopyAI had a better idea of what Elon Musk was saying in his quote, whereas ContentBot over simplified but that is subjective. What do you think?

AI Brainstorming Tools

Growth IdeasN/A
Name GeneratorN/A
Next ProductN/A
Startup IdeasN/A
Viral IdeasN/A

AI Personal Tools

Birthday CardN/A
Clubhouse BioN/A
Cover LetterN/A
Love LetterN/A
Resume Bullet PointsN/A
Shower ThoughtsN/A

AI Long Form Content Editor

Basic Long Form EditorLong Form Editor

By using the Full Blog Post feature, ContentBot makes it easy to write a full blog post with 2,000 words, divided into sections, and you can also edit your sentences with autocompletes or AI generated results.

Does the Long Form Content Editor from ContentBot generate content that is unique? In fact, 95% of the content generated the AI is unique and original. It will also provide a uniqueness score for longer forms of content generated so that you can be sure that the content generated by the AI is original.

How does AI copywriting software work?

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is an important tool in machine learning / deep learning. A natural ANN mimicry involves acting within an individual's nature, which demands self-awareness.

Some of these assistants for writing write using Apache and OpenAI. It detects errors and corrects them and understands linguistic nuances, flags overused and complex words and even generates the entire article on its own. And besides being human a system has another option - automation software.

It can also identify mistakes, correct them and flag overuse to overuse words. It also offers suggestions if needed.


ContentBot has the capability of including intros and/or trends on certain ai tools, which is a useful feature, but I have found the tool unable to produce output on numerous occasions when these settings are used.

CopyAI provides the most ai tools, so I think it's the best value, it's consistent and reliable, and they're constantly adding more ai tools, while ContentBot is focusing on the Long Form Content Editor.

CopyAI released a long form editor Tuesday, September 28th, 2021. It may not be as powerful as ContentBot, but it's still here.

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