Cloudflare Free vs Cloudflare Enterprise: Compare Features and Pricing

Cloudflare Free vs Cloudflare Enterprise: Compare Features and Pricing
Cloudflare Free vs Cloudflare Enterprise: Compare Features and Pricing

I recently announced that this website was Now Powered by <3 with Cloudflare Enterprise, and now that I’ve had it setup for a month, I wanted to share more information on how with integrated Cloudflare Enterprise compares to Cloudflare Free (Cloudflare Free vs Cloudflare Enterprise) with this mini review. Simple, Fast, & Secure WordPress Hosting

Grow your business with lightning fast, secure and fully optimized websites that are easy to set up & manage. Prices start at $30/month when paying yearly.

  • Full Page Caching
  • Image Optimization
  • 200+ CDN PoP’s
  • Finely Tuned for WordPress
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I would recommend to anyone looking for a WordPress host. I’ve been using the service for several months now and I’ve already seen significant improvements in my website’s performance.

$0/mo Cloudflare Free

While Cloudflare’s Free Plan can be added to almost any web hosting plan. This package is ideal for people who have personal or hobby projects and aren’t in business.

$20/mo Cloudflare Pro

Moving to the Pro Plan for $20 / mo (per domain/website) gets you additional page rules, improved security, bot reports, DDoS notifications, lossless image optimization, accelerated mobile page loading speed, and privacy-first analytics.

$200/mo Cloudflare Business

The business plan, which retails for $200/mo (per domain/website), offers daily crawling, advanced denial of service attack mitigation, and railgun support to significantly improve the speed of your site.

$5000/mo Cloudflare Enterprise

The enterprise plan includes everything from Cloudflare Free / Pro / Business plans plus the addition of China network access, network prioritization, enterprise bot management, layer-3 network DDoS protection with Magic Transit, to name a few.

Prices are not listed online, but are estimated at $5000 / month, require an offer and are billed annually. has teamed up with Cloudflare to offer the best of both worlds: managed WordPress hosting with the incredible performance, ease and security of Cloudflare Enterprise.

Cloudflare Free vs Business vs Pro vs Enterprise

I ran a few different CDN Latency tests to test out the Cloudflare Business/Pro/Enterprise Network.

CDN Latency Test ( Test Link (Cloudflare Free)

CDN Latency Test ( Test Link (Cloudflare Enterprise/

Cloudflare Free vs Cloudflare Enterprise (Perf Test)

Cloudflare Free

TTFB for Frankfurt & Dallas were impressive but that is about it for the free offering from Cloudflare for my website.

Cloudflare Enterprise (

It’s pretty day and night between Cloudflare Free vs Cloudflare Enterprise. 😃


If you now decided to add Cloudflare Enterprise to your current web hosting, you would pay for two services, but still. plans start out at $25/mo (billed annually) for 1 WordPress Install, 250,000 Visits, 10GB Storage, Free SSL, CDN, WAF & Cloudflare Enterprise. This is a great plan to get started. Agency plan at $166/mo (billed annually) includes 25 WordPress Installs, 5,000,000 Visits, 50GB Storage, Free SSL, CDN, WAF & Cloudflare Enterprise.

The Agency Plan comes out to $1,992.00 annually, whereas Cloudflare Business/Enterprise would be $2400/$60,000 per year (respectively) and you would still need to pay someone to manage your WordPress install or manage it yourself, plus have to configure Cloudflare for your needs.

Another thought I had was, why not just sign up for Cloudflare Pro ($20/mo) and continue using my self-managed web hosting? Well, I have three sites to sign up for.

That could easily have set me at $60/mo for Cloudflare Pro + $20/mo for WordPress hosting and I’m already at $80/mo against Pro at $50/mo with vastly superior security, fully managed, best-in-class CDN with Full Page Caching, Argo Smart Routing, no configuration required, etc. 24/7 support.

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