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How to Charge an Electric Car at Your Apartment or Rental Property

Introduction I’ve done a lot of Google searching to determine some of the best options for renters and apartment occupants. Here’s how to charge an electric car at your apartment. Since I had two years of free supercharging and only had access to 110 volt outlets, I relied on the Tesla Supercharging Network for a…

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How to Calculate Your Tesla Safety Score

It is possible to know what your Tesla’s safety score is. This leads many to wonder, “How to Calculate Your Tesla Safety Score?” “FSD Beta 10.2 rolls out Friday midnight to ~1000 owners with perfect 100/100 safety scores. Rollouts will hold for several days after that to see how it goes. If that looks good,…

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Attempting to Raise Tesla Safety Score from 97 to 100

Tesla is working hard to make sure that their cars are the safest on the road. With the technology that they are integrating into their cars, Tesla has added a button to supported cars as of 2021.32.22 which allows you to request access to the latest Full-Self Driving (FSD) beta. Tesla is monitoring drivers who…

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How to Score a Perfect 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights

Introduction You want Google PageSpeed Insights to give you a score of 98, 99 or 100? This can be difficult since there are a lot of factors that affect these high ratings. For example, my homepage has a 98/99 rating, while my blog has a 99/100 Google PageSpeed Insight rating, so please keep in mind…

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Can Switching to Optimize for the Google Page Experience Update?

Introduction The Google Page Experience update was rolled out in early February with the intent of improving the user experience with mobile sites. The update negatively affected many mobile sites by lowering their ranking for relevant searches, or taking them completely off search results pages. How can I ensure that this doesn’t happen to my…

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How to Migrate Your WordPress Site to

Learn how to migrate your WordPress site to for better managed WordPress, more predictable billing, full page caching and two firewalls to protect against website attacks. also offers free migrations in case it is too much work for you to do this but I didn’t mind the work for my site. There are…

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How to Setup TeslaMate with Docker

In this article I am going to walk you through step by step on how to install and setup TeslaMate onto your Vultr Cloud Instance. From selecting your VM configuration to installing and configuring the tool onto your virtual machine. Looking for a guide on BuyVM? Click here. In this tutorial, I use Vultr because…

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TeslaFi or Teslastics? This Review Will Help You Choose

TeslaFi and Teslastics are both great tools that will help you keep track of your car’s location, charge, and more! The question is… Which one is right for you? (we’re looking at all the features in a side by side comparison) Read on in this review to find out which is best for you and…


Advanced: Activate Google Fi With a VPN (DD-WRT)

Let’s take a look at how to activate Google Fi with a VPN in the following guide: Requirements:1. Google Fi Compatible Phone + Fi SIM OR eSIM2. NETGEAR WiFi Router, flashed with DD-WRT firmware Sign up for Surfshark (RAM-only VPN Servers!) $1.99/mo Make sure your account address is listed somewhere in the United States, such…

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FAA Part 107 sUAS Test

I passed the FAA Part 107 sUAS test, with the majority of my studying comprised of this forty-three minute video. If you are considering getting into commercial drone work, this video is a must in my opinion. Check out the timestamp in the video description for everything they cover. If you prefer a more formal…