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How Do I Upscale a Midjourney Image?

Ever wondered what happens when you try to blow up a low-resolution image or a piece of AI-generated art? The result is often a blurry mess that fails to capture the intricate details of the original. In fact, scaling up AI art can be even more challenging than traditional images, as the very process that…

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5 Tips to Take Your Drone Flying to the Next Level

Let’s look at 5 different camera movements to make your drone footage more interesting and dynamic while getting more comfortable with the controller. We will go over manual ways of performing these actions, as well as automatically with Intelligent Fight Modes on DJI. Fly Through Shot These shots tend to be shot at a lower…

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Quick Tip: Why Are My HDR Images Loading up All Warped?

Aurora HDR 2019 by Skyrim was just released today and I have come into a sticky situation. Why is my loaded HDR image coming up with lens distortion when the photos look fine in Adobe Lightroom CC 2018? In this example, I am using 5 bracketed photos taken from my DJI Phantom 4 Pro + for…