Canadian Road Trip Research for 2020

Happy 2020 before I forget! I would like to share my Canadian road trip research.

After watching Bjørn Nyland’s latest YouTube episode, I am vastly more interested in a long range trip with my Model 3. In his video, he takes his Performance Model 3 sedan (named MC Hammer) on a 1000 km journey.

He had a strange slow charge rate in Löddeköpinge which hurt his overall challenge time. He utilizes the fast charging network in Norway which is more universal vs here in America.

I have been wanting to test out a few of the new Canadian superchargers across our state border and of course explore some places off the beaten path.

I am leaning towards heading to Montreal, Quebec, Canada first and then making a circle back through the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire, through Buffalo and Cleveland (2,392 mile per Google Maps).

michael descharles NMkECjnU0IY unsplash |
Photo by Michael Descharles on Unsplash
Madison, WI, USAStart with 100% SOC
Rolling Meadows, IL (25 min charge)10 Superchargers, up to 150kW
St. Joseph, MI (25 min charge)8 Superchargers, up to 150kW
Marshall, MI (40 min charge)8 superchargers, up to 150kW
Comber, ON (30 min charge)8 Superchargers, up to 150kW
Woodstock, ON (40 min charge)8 Superchargers, up to 150kW
Port Hope, ON (25 min charge)8 Superchargers, up to 150kW
Kingston, ON (60 min charge)8 Superchargers, up to 150kW
Montreal, QC, Canada
Duration: 20 h 7 min (1,034 mi)
Next, Destination Chargers

I can only imagine if all of these chargers were upgraded to V3/250kW.

Destination Chargers Nearby: 

Stationnement Publique – Renaissance Marriott0.1 mi from city center
Hotel Le Dauphin Montreal0.3 mi from city center
Hotel Le Germain – Montreal0.3 mi from city center
Centre Bell0.4 mi from city center
Hotel Le Crystal0.4 mi from city center
Le Mount Stephen0.5 mi from city center
Cite du Multimedia0.5 mi from city center
Hotel Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile0.5 mi from city center
The Ritz-Carlton Montreal0.6 mi from city center
Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal0.6 mi from city center

I am pleased to see so many options for convenient overnight charging. Another option could be to find a nearby RV/camp park, plug-in with the 14-50 adapter and see up to 30 miles per hour or less depending on how warm or cool you keep the cabin.

There are also several superchargers in Montréal and surrounding suburbs. Also, there appears to be many more in construction in and around the city. This would be a nice alternative to sticking with a hotel that has a destination charger. Possibility more flexibility but add 30-40 minutes of charging before bed or in the morning. To each their own.

Montréal, QC12 Superchargers, up to 150kW
Montréal-Ferrier, QC2 Superchargers, up to 150kW
Pointe Claire, QC20 Superchargers, up to 150kW
Laval, QC20 Superchargers, up to 72kW
Brossard, QC12 Superchargers, up to 150kW
Mascouche, QC16 Superchargers, up to 150kW

Visit Lake Nipissing

Ottawa, ONStarting Point
Deep River, ON6 Superchargers, up to 250kW
North Bay, ON6 Superchargers, up to 250kW
Lake NipissingExplore!

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This trip will be sponsored by the free supercharging I received through the Tesla referral program. Thank you everyone’s support!

Feature image for this post was found on Unsplash by Marc-Olivier.

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