BE from iAwake

I have found BE from iAwake are helpful to increase my creativity during my work or otherwise during regular mediation sessions.

Our friends at iAwake have produced a powerful new brainwave entrainment track called BE. It's a 63 minute and 47 second track plus a 20 minute shortened bonus track and entrains the brain to 9 Hz, or low alpha brain waves. helps slow down your thoughts and calm you down. It can be used for meditation or as a support for creative thinking, deep reading, writing, and other imaginative activities. It also helps us to focus during workouts and training.

BE can help you:

  • Ease into a flow state
  • Get more creative
  • Relax your nervous system
  • Get more focused
  • Connect with your intuition
  • Combining playfulness and inner joy Confirm Reject
  • help you change old habits
  • Get more energetic

Learn More and Listen to the Sample

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