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In other news, I updated the web hosting for this website to Cloudflare Enterprise. Recently, I became curious about whether it was possible to get the benefits of paid Cloudflare plans with managed hosting. I spent too much time setting things up and am not interested in becoming an expert on Linux or web servers,…

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How to Setup TeslaMate with Docker

In this article I am going to walk you through step by step on how to install and setup TeslaMate onto your Vultr Cloud Instance. From selecting your VM configuration to installing and configuring the tool onto your virtual machine. Looking for a guide on BuyVM? Click here. In this tutorial, I use Vultr because…

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TESMAT vs TESCAMP — Which Tesla Mattress is Better?

Recently I was asked to write another article like my Dreamcase vs TESMAT article, but include the TESCAMP Tesla camping mattress for Model 3 & Y. So, here I am looking at this new contender for specialized Tesla mattresses: TESMAT vs TESCAMP. So you’re looking for a Tesla Mattress, but you can’t decide between TESMAT…

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MG&E Has Begun Building a 16-Stall EV Charging Hub in Downtown Madison

The Madison Gas and Electric Company is developing the largest number of EV charging stations in Wisconsin and is installing 16 EV charging stations in Madison.

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How to Activate Google Fi Outside the US

Introduction Are you always traveling? Tracking down WiFi in new cities is a hassle, from hidden fees to spotty networks. Google Fi allows you to choose your device, the best service provider, and save on data. It’s simple, takes minutes to join and has the best support team. In this article, I will explain how…

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Another Look Outside of the Tesla Service Center Madison Wisconsin

Tesla is finally expanding in Wisconsin! The new service center will open up in 2021 and will be the second in the state. I hope they continue to expand and provide electric cars to more people so we can all reduce our carbon footprint!

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The Ultimate Guide to the Tesla Referral Program

Tesla’s referral program is a great way to spread the word about their eco-friendly innovative company, score some complementary fast-charging on the Tesla Supercharger network, and score a sweet reward. Tesla doesn’t rely on traditional forms of advertising and marketing to sell their cars like major TV networks, billboards or newspapers as Ford and Toyota,…


Tesla Tray by Jeda – How to Maximize Space in Your Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

The Tesla Center Console Tray is the perfect way to hide your valuables in your Tesla. The tray is 1 inch thick and sits at the mid-way point in your center console, which is the perfect place for items that you want to be hidden.

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Automated Content for SEO, Blog, Website and Social Media

Testing new ways to create and write content? These tools will make it easy. Create multiple ad copies and test which ones work best.

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VW Golf R Filmed in 4k UHD From Skydio 2

If you’re looking for a beautiful video to show off the beauty and power of a VW Golf R, this is the video for you. Filmed in 4K, the drone video shows off the rustic roads of Wisconsin.