An Update on the Wisconsin Superchargers

An Update on the Wisconsin Superchargers
An Update on the Wisconsin Superchargers

I have an update on the new Wisconsin Superchargers! Tesla is changing its impressive supercharging network, expanding around the state, which could drastically alter Wisconsin's sustainable energy landscape.

Tesla Opening Supercharger Network

I read the comments on r/TeslaMotors - Your Tesla Community on Reddit immediately when I learned Tesla would be soon sharing it's Supercharging Network with non-Tesla EVs.

The comments were seemly conflicted as some thought it was brilliant and others thought it would ruin the Tesla charging experience and create long lines.

I have changed my tone since I learned that this new expanded support means that Tesla will receive new $7.5 billion in EV funding from the US, and possibly more from other countries where they are opening their fast-charging network. Hopefully, this means that there will be more chargers in more places along the highway, and that larger cities can expect more chargers in all directions. :)

Later the news broke from Elon that Tesla would charge slow-charging non-Tesla electric vehicles extra for hogging the charging station, which makes perfect sense to me. That's one of the biggest concerns for Tesla owners is what happens when someone occupies a spot for an hour or more because their car can't support the higher charging rates that a Tesla Model 3 can easily handle.

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Wisconsin Superchargers

In the Midwest, the Wisconsin superchargers seem to become busy between 12-3pm on weekdays and peaking at 6pm on Fridays. So often I have no trouble pulling into a free space and with the additional 8 chargers on the west side and the new 16-stall downtown, which are both being constructed as I write this post!

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, these new stalls being installed will be available to other electric vehicles sometime in the near future, so this is big news for the whole industry.

  • West Madison, WI Supercharger - Status: Construction - 12 days
  • Madison - E Main St, WI - Status: Construction - 0 days
West Madison, WI Supercharger
West Madison, WI Supercharger
Madison - E Main St, WI Supercharger

Also saw these have been updated to construction status:

  • Tomah, WI Supercharger - Status: Construction - 1 days
  • Menomonie, WI Supercharger - Status: Construction - 0 days

Credit goes to users on Tesla Motors Club (TMC) on these new details on the West Madison Supercharger. DMC5180 talked with the installers and learned it typically takes them 3-weeks to get these up and running. Their electrical and landscaping needs are being handled locally. Also mentioned the site will have 2 pull in stalls and 6 back-in stalls. They poured the electric power transformer and Supercharger pad yesterday afternoon.

The E Main Street install is being done by a different installer.

They're scheduled to do a 12-stall in Kenosha WI, followed by an 8-stall in Menomonee Falls WI.

This year and next will blow up sustainable energy!


In conclusion, the expansion of Tesla's Wisconsin Superchargers network is indeed an exciting development that has sparked a range of opinions among the Tesla community. Sharing the Supercharging Network with non-Tesla electric vehicles has raised concerns about potential congestion and longer wait times. However, the news that Tesla will receive significant funding from the US government and possibly other countries for this expansion is a positive sign for the growth of sustainable energy infrastructure.

Elon Musk's announcement of charging fees for slow-charging non-Tesla EVs using Superchargers addresses a legitimate concern for Tesla owners who rely on these fast-charging stations. It's a practical solution to prevent extended hogging of charging stations and ensures better availability for all users.

The addition of new Wisconsin Superchargers located in Madison, including the West Madison and E Main Street locations, is a significant development for the region. These stations, when made available to other electric vehicles, will contribute to the broader adoption of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation options.

Credit goes to the Tesla community, particularly users on Tesla Motors Club (TMC), for providing valuable insights and updates on the progress of these Supercharger installations.

As more Superchargers pop up across Wisconsin and beyond, it's clear that sustainable energy is on the rise. With ongoing expansion plans and increased accessibility, the future looks promising for electric vehicle owners and the broader movement toward greener transportation options.

For those interested in learning more about Tesla's Supercharger network and the Tesla Referral Program, you can find comprehensive information in "The Ultimate Guide to the Tesla Referral Program."

The Ultimate Guide to the Tesla Referral Program
Tesla’s referral program is a great way to spread the word about their eco-friendly innovative company, score some complementary fast-charging on the Tesla Supercharger network, and score a sweet reward. Tesla doesn’t rely on traditional forms of advertising and marketing to sell their cars like major TV networks,

In summary, the expansion of Tesla's Supercharger network in Wisconsin and the broader support for electric vehicles represent positive steps toward a more sustainable and accessible electric transportation future.

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