About Me

View of Maine Lighthouse on an Island

Artist Statement

I was taxiing on a freaking hot airplane, waiting to take off. Overall, it had been a difficult trip for various reasons, and I had felt that I didn’t have good content to share. It was during the hot wait of taking off, I was reviewing photos that I had taken during the trip, one of which was a panoramic photograph. It was within this uncomfortable atmosphere that I became in awe of what I had made. In an instant, everything changed. I was able to reflect on the beauty of this precious moment. Everything felt different, and I felt a major shift from feeling bummed to thrilled. This was all I needed.

I want to be able to share with others a different perspective of our awe-inspiring world that we live in whether it be in the hills of Wisconsin or the ocean views of the Gulf of Mexico. To do this, I have chosen a different position to showcase my art; I have fallen in love with aerial photography. It’s like I am able to carry around a 400-foot tripod with me wherever I go. It is my hope that when people see my photographs they feel excited, inspired and connected. It is my desire to make my work a personal experience, and people are able to feel uplifted, just like I did on the plane, from experiencing my art.

I hope that you enjoy the many things I have to offer you in the gallery.

“Always do your best with what you have,”

Nick Kline

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