A Frozen Packwaukee – Edited with Luminar 4

I visit a frozen Packwaukee to capture some new shots to edit with Luminar 4.


I am writing this post enjoying a new tea we have found which has the same amount of coffee per teabag as a strong cup of coffee plus they added L-Theanine to reduce the jitters. Blue Lady is one of my favorite flavors by Zest Tea with black tea, a mix of orange, lemon, passion fruit, and hibiscus.

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Zest Tea Energy Hot Tea, Blue Lady Black Tea

AS MUCH CAFFEINE AS COFFEE - Each bag contains as much natural caffeine as coffee; 150 mg per cup; 3x the energy levels of of traditional caffeinated teas. This makes Zest the strongest tea on the market!

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Photo Time!

Aerial Faded Look - Luminar 4

Buffalo Lake
Packwaukee, WI

Aerial Faded Look (50%) - Luminar 4
Aerial Faded Look (45%) - Luminar 4
Luminar 4
Luminar 4

I am working on editing some shots from a recent show of Taska Black. Here is one of their new tracks! https://open.spotify.com/track/2hetPAzC36SoFunTjcISmS

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