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5 Tips to Take Your Drone Flying to the Next Level

Let’s look at 5 different camera movements to make your drone footage more interesting and dynamic while getting more comfortable with the controller. We will go over manual ways of performing these actions, as well as automatically with Intelligent Fight Modes on DJI.

Fly Through Shot

These shots tend to be shot at a lower altitude and you fly “through” the scene such as a pocket of trees for example. You might need to turn off the obstacle avoidance for these types of shots because you’re typically flying close to things in these types of shots and your drone will stop moving.

  • Find an object that you can fly the drone close to which will be your foreground.
  • You then fly towards this object while pointing the gimbal towards the background. This adds a lot of beautiful depth to your shot!


Reveal Shot

Start by flying your drone low over water (30-50 feet from the ground) and slowly start moving the gimbal wheel so that the camera slowly goes up and reveals the whole area.

  • MANUAL: Start by going forward by pressing the right stick forward you also need the left stick forward so you gain some altitude. You also need to use one of your left fingers to to slowly rotate the gimbal wheel up (key here is to rotate the gimbal very slowly).

Example (looking down reveal):

Orbit Mode

This is a circle movement around the subject you want to follow around.

  • AUTOMATIC: You can use the Intelligent Flight Mode, Point of Interest with DJI drones.
  • MANUAL: You will be moving both sticks either towards each other (clockwise) or away from each other (counterclockwise). It will take some time to get your circle to be perfect.
  • Try this circling movement from different altitudes or by gaining or losing distance from the ground! Mix it up.

Boomerang Example:

Follow / Tracking

This type of footage can be done in the software or by matching the speed of the moving car or person and tracking that subject with the camera.

  • You could use ActiveTrack if you have a DJI drone to automatically follow and track your subject.
  • If you’re following a subject manually you have the advantage that you could ramp up the speed of your drone towards the end of the clip and rotate the camera up and reveal the rest of the area you’re flying around.


Jib or the Crane Shot

The footage will appear to be shot on a standard camera due to the look of these movements. It will also appear to be shot from non-drone due to being low to the ground. For this shot you don’t need to go forward or backwards, just up/down and make slow adjustments to the gimbal wheel.

  • Lower or heighten your altitude and rotate the gimbal wheel so the camera shows off the size of the building or the people around you.


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